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Japanese | Easy Easy Manual Earth Auger Drill (hole size 45 mm)

Easy Easy Manual Earth Auger Drill (hole size 45 mm)



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It becomes even more compact than conventional hole excavators, and you can easily punch holes.

● The body is made of steel. Weight Approximately 1 kg, size approx. 38 x 73 x 45 cm, packing weight is about 1.2 kg and size is about 9 x 76 x 5 cm.
● Drill a hole quickly by rotating the screw.
● When drilling a lot of holes, you can work easily.
● The handle part can be removed and stored compactly.
● You can easily puncture when you strike a pile, give fertilizer to a tree, or when you do the water.
● Women and seniors can also be used comfortably.
● It can also be used when extracting trees.
● The work of inserting the support (wart bamboo) in the ground in the field is quite hard work. In such a case, if you drill a hole with a hole digger, you can easily plug it in.

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