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Japanese | Easy Jumbo Manual Earth Auger Drill

Easy Jumbo Manual Earth Auger Drill



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● The body is made of steel, weighs about 3 kg and size about 50 × 85 × 15 cm, when packing it weighs about 3.2 kg and is about 17 × 85 × 17 cm in size.
● Bore a hole by rotating the screw.
● Scrape off the side of the hole with two vertical cutting blades, dig the soil with a screw.
● The tip is easy to cut into, so it works fast.
● You can build a thick pile manually without using a heavy machine.
● Digging big holes can be done easily.
● A 15 cm-hole can be opened. It is very easy to build piles and plant trees, and it is also easy.
● Auger drills are used for works of poles, shelves, nets, fence pillar stands, fertilizer application and tree planting.

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