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Japanese | Easy assembling Manual Earth Auger Drill

Easy assembling Manual Earth Auger Drill



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Even those who are not confident in strength are also able to hit pipes and piles easily, are magical like manual earth auger drill.

Product Details
● The body is made of steel, weighs about 1.87 kg and size about 43 × 83 × 7.5 cm, when packaged weighs about 2 kg and the size is 9 × 86.5 × 8 cm.
● Since the tip has a spiral shape, the hole opens just by screwing in.
● For long pipes and piles, when you can not beat from above, you can use it very conveniently. Also, when giving fertilizer or water to trees, you can easily open holes and give fertilizer and water.
● The dimension of the hole is 7.5 cm.

【How to use】
● It can be used for driving in a stake.
● Screw in the ground with the right hand turn. Push in to the appropriate depth, then lift it up. Pipes and tree piles are placed in the hole. Then put soil in to fill a gap so as not to wobble.

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